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Creating Jobs Is Priority Number One

Californians need high paying jobs, but our leaders in Sacramento keep passing laws that force jobs elsewhere. They over-regulate and over-tax businesses and individuals, sending jobs to other states and even other countries

Balancing The Budget. Really.

Nobody argues about whether California’s budget is out of whack. That’s a given. But the solutions offered are the same every year. It’s raising taxes, accounting gimmicks, and issuing debt for our future generations to pay.

Stop The Tax Increases

If you were to pay attention to the rhetoric coming out of Sacramento, you’d think the answer to every problem was more taxes, and more taxes alone. Californians are taxed enough! Our tax rate is one of the highest in the United States

Quality Education

It is a false choice to say we need higher taxes in order to improve education. We simply need to spend our money more wisely. The thousands of bureaucrats we keep in Sacramento, while teachers are getting laid off and class-sizes grow is ridiculous.