California Must Cut Taxes

As a financial advisor for over two decades, Travis knows first hand how to make tough financial choices. California’s 13.3% income tax rate is the highest in the nation. Our state sales tax of 7.25% is also the highest in the nation – and when you factor in local taxes, sales tax in some cities can reach as high as 10%. If that wasn’t enough, Californians also pay among the highest gas taxes and highest car registration fees in the nation. We must repeal Jerry Brown’s gas tax and cut taxes for all Californians.

Travis Allen for Governor 2018
Travis Allen for Governor 2018

California Must Get Tough on Crime

As a State Assemblyman, Travis has been fighting for policies to keep criminals off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods. Keeping our citizens safe is the number one responsibility of government. In 2014, Jerry Brown and the California Democrats pushed and helped pass AB 109 – the “realignment” bill that released thousands of criminals from state prisons. Since then, crime has spiked – increasing by 7.6% in 2015 alone, and violent crimes have increased by double digits in major cities in 2016.  California must re-establish our tough on crime policies that allow law enforcement to do their jobs and protect the victims of crimes, not the criminals.

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California Must Fix our Roads and Reduce Traffic

Travis introduced the Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative so Californians can vote to overturn Jerry Brown’s widely unpopular gas tax, and actually fix California’s roads and expand our highways with the money our state already has. Every year the average Californian spends up to 90 hours in traffic away from their families and their jobs. California has the revenues to fix traffic congestion. Let’s spend our existing tax revenue on desperately needed transportation infrastructure instead of California’s bloated government bureaucracy and high speed rail.

Travis Allen for Governor 2018
Travis Allen for Governor 2018

California Must Once Again Provide the Best Education in the Country

Despite pouring tens of billions of dollars over many years into our public education, California’s public school system ranks among the bottom in the nation. Tragically, our public education system puts the interests of teachers’ unions and the highly paid school administrators ahead of our California students and their parents. Our children deserve better. They deserve safe schools where great teachers are rewarded and bad teachers are fired. That is why Travis has introduced pro-parent choice legislation every year in the Legislature to allow parents to choose what is best for their children’s education, not unelected Sacramento bureaucrats. California needs more charter schools and greater school choice to truly educate our children.

California Must Complete the State Water Project

For the past three years, Jerry Brown and the California Democrats have been more interested in telling Californians how to kill their lawns, cut their showers, and fine their neighbors than actually fixing our broken water system in California. Their negligence directly caused the failure of Oroville Dam and the evacuation of 188,000 Californians, not to mention the wasting of all of the water conserved by Californians statewide between 2014 and 2017. California still has not spent $1 of the $7 Billion Water Bond issued in 2014 on water storage. California has more than enough water for the entire state, including the enormously productive Central Valley that has lacked water for years, and Southern California. Completing the State Water Project will preserve the Delta, and will supply Californians with abundant water through our inevitable droughts and floods.

Travis Allen for Governor 2018

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